Peligro en las granjas

澳洲幸运10历史开奖号码查询, 168开奖官方开奖网站查询 inmigrantes que trabajan en las granjas lecheras reciben compensación laboral

La exención para granjas pequeñas de Wisconsin es una de las muchas exclusiones federales y estatales que históricamente han dejado a los trabajadores agrícolas—y de la industria lechera en particular—con menos derechos y protecciones que otros

Broken Promises

In a Major Shift, Northwest Tribes — not U.S. Officials — Will Control Salmon Recovery Funds

The Biden administration punted on key demands from Indigenous leaders to tear down hydroelectric dams hindering salmon. But tribes won control over $1 billion for other salmon efforts.

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Peligro en las granjas

“Una vez que ya no les sirves a ellos, te botan”

Los trabajadores inmigrantes son esenciales en la industria lechera de Wisconsin. Pero cuando se lesionan, frecuentemente son descartados.

澳洲幸运10,幸运澳洲10开奖查询体彩 Adds Ownership Information to Our Nursing Home Database

It can be hard to determine who is ultimately responsible for the quality of care in a nursing home. ProPublica’s Nursing Home Inspect tool now has detailed information on who owns a facility and who is responsible for running it.

How Verified Accounts on X Thrive While Spreading Misinformation About the Israel-Hamas Conflict

With the gutting of content moderation initiatives at X, accounts with blue checks, once a sign of authenticity, are disseminating debunked claims and gaining more followers. Community Notes, X’s fact-checking system, hasn’t scaled sufficiently.

America’s Dairyland

“Once You’re No Good to Them, They Get Rid of You”

Immigrant workers are essential to Wisconsin’s dairy industry. But when they get injured, they’re often cast aside.

Train Country

“It Looks Like the Railroad Is Asking for You to Say Thank You”

After brakeman Chris Cole lost both his legs on the job, railroad officials removed evidence before state regulators could see it, omitted key facts in reports and suspended him from a job he could never return to.

With Every Breath

“With Every Breath” Captures the Human Toll of Philips’ Failure to Disclose Dangerous Defects of Its CPAP Devices

A new short documentary from ProPublica and the Pittsburgh Post- Gazette follows patients and a doctor navigating the fallout of the massive recall of Philips breathing machines.

NYPD Will Stop 奥洲幸运10开奖官网开奖记录 Body-Camera Footage of Police Shootings From Civilian Investigators

After questions from 澳洲体彩幸运十开奖官网 and The New York Times Magazine, the New York Police Department pledged to end its practice of not sharing videos in ongoing investigations with the Civilian Complaint Review Board.

Friends of the Court

A “Delicate Matter”: Clarence Thomas’ Private Complaints About Money Sparked Fears He Would Resign

Interviews and newly unearthed documents reveal that Thomas, facing financial strain, privately pushed for a higher salary and to allow Supreme Court justices to take speaking fees.

Body Cameras Were Sold as a Tool of Police Reform. Ten Years Later, Most of the Footage Is Kept From Public View.

There were 101 people killed at the hands of police in June 2022. More than a year later, police had released body-camera footage of only 33 of those killings, ProPublica has found.

Breach of Trust

¿Preocupada por su visita al ginecobstetra? Una guía sobre lo que debería suceder —y lo que no debería suceder.

Luego de informar sobre la conducta sexual inapropiada por parte de ginecobstetras, muchas mujeres nos dijeron que no sabían lo que era normal. Con la ayuda de proveedores, pacientes y expertos, creamos esta guía.

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Breach of Trust

Mujeres de Utah intentaron denunciar agresiones sexuales a la policía. Dicen que enfrentaron retrasos y barreras lingüísticas.

Mujeres, todas inmigrantes mexicanas, acudieron a la policía de Provo para denunciar al ginecobstetra David Broadbent por agresión sexual. Experimentaron demoras, confusión y negaciones en sus informes debido a la falta de servicios en español.

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Breach of Trust

官网澳洲幸运10_五分钟开奖官网_官方开奖号码结果 Women Tried to Report Sexual Assaults to Police. They Say They Faced Delays and Language Barriers.

Several women, all Mexican immigrants, went to the Provo police to report OB-GYN David Broadbent for sexual assault. They experienced delays, confusion and denials over their reports due to the department’s lack of Spanish-language services.

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Train Country

When Railroad Workers Get Hurt on the Job, Some Supervisors Go to Extremes to Keep It Quiet

Railroad officials have lied, spied and bribed to keep workers’ injuries off the books. “Don’t put your job on the line for another employee.”

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