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The How Fairleigh Dickinson Did It Edition

Slate’s sports podcast on March Madness, the World Baseball Classic, and the Fosbury Flop.


Episode Notes

Stefan Fatsis, Josh Levin, are joined by Slate’s Alex Kirshner to talk about Fairleigh Dickinson’s huge NCAA Tournament upset over Purdue and Princeton’s run to the Sweet 16. Then, ESPN’s Alden Gonzalez comes on to discuss the historic matchup between the USA and Cuba at the World Baseball Classic. Finally, author David Epstein assesses the legacy of high jumper Dick Fosbury, who invented the immortal Fosbury Flop.

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• Kirshner called Purdue’s defeat to Fairleigh Dickinson “the worst loss in the history of college basketball.”

• Chuck Culpepper in the Washington Post on Fairleigh Dickinson vs. Florida Atlantic.

Princeton dominated Missouri to make it to the Sweet 16.

• ESPN’s Kyle Bonagura on Princeton’s remarkable tournament run.

• Follow Alden Gonzalez on Twitter and read his ESPN feature story, “What the 2023 World Baseball Classic means for Cuba.”

Gonzalez on the protests at Sunday’s WBC semifinal between Cuba and the United States.

• James Wagner in the New York Times on the current state of the Cuban national team.

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• Dick Fosbury, whose “Fosbury Flop” revolutionized the high jump in the 1960s, died last week at age 76.

• Read Epstein’s newsletter, “The Fosbury Flop Changed Athletes’ Bodies.”

Canadian teenager Debbie Brill was experimenting with a similar backward technique around the same time as Fosbury.

Previous high-jump styles included the “scissors” and “straddle.”

Read about other athlete innovations, including the Axel in figure skating and the bun-dunk in competitive eating.

Hang Up and Listen’s weekly Jordan Sarnoff:

Josh’s Jordan Sarnoff: Josh on Yolett McPhee-McCuin, aka “Coach Yo,” who’s building a potential women’s basketball powerhouse at Ole Miss.

On this week’s bonus segment, Josh and Stefan are joined by legendary Hang Up producer Patrick Fort to talk about a bunch of hockey record-setters: the Boston Bruins, Connor McDavid, and Alex Ovechkin.

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